EAT Uncut Edition


Hey Everyone!

Recently, I posted a photo of the EAT German Blu-Ray on my Instagram page.  The cover of the Blu-Ray says “Uncut Edition.”  Since posting the photo, a lot of people have asked me about an Uncut Edition of EAT and where they can see it in the US, so I wanted to clear it all up.

There is only one cut of EAT in existence.  There are no rated, unrated, cut or uncut versions.  We only delivered one version of the film, world wide.  But don't get mad at our German distributor AL!VE, just yet.  They technically aren't wrong.

The cool thing about EAT is we were never ... and I mean NEVER ... asked to cut anything from EAT.  Since this was our first feature, we were really surprised.  We made the movie we wanted to make, delivered it and companies around the world released it.  No questions asked.  No notes given.

So if you have already rented or purchased EAT, fear not, you’re watching the Uncut Edition.