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EAT is an official selection to the Neuchatel Internation Fantastic Film Festival also known as NIFFF.  This is big news!  NIFFF is located in a beautiful country called Switzerland and we'll be there!  EAT is screening twice in the Ultra Movies category:

Saturday July 5 // 01:00AM // Passage 1

Tuesday July 8 // 10 :45PM // Temple du Bas

So if you're in that area of the world, check it out!  Some amazing films including The Sacrament, Starry Eyes, Stage Fright, Extraterrestrial, It Follows, and Wolfcop will all be showing. Word on the street is Kevin Smith and George RR Martin will be there as well.

For more NIFFF information, check out


New EAT Trailer

Hey folks!  Head on over to Bloody Disgusting to see the Sales Trailer for EAT.  Boulderlight Pictures are handling sales over at the Cannes Film Market right now!  Get it while it's hot :)


Ain't it Cool News

The fine folks at Ain't It Cool News (specifically Ambush Bug) has give EAT its first official review...and it couldn't be kinder.  I am so honored to have such a influential site like AICN give a movie of mine such a great review.  I'll let it speak for itself, but my favorite line is "But the most uncomforting aspect of EAT is that it does such an effective job of pulling the viewer in to care about the characters before putting them through bloody, gory hell."  Ambush Bug clearly understood the movie and what we trying to make and it means a lot of have someone recognize that and appreciate it.

Check it out here and read the whole thing after the jump.

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