Thank You!


I just wanted to say a quick but sincere THANK YOU to everyone who bought a shirt from our TeePublic store this weekend.  It was a HUGE success.  We sold more shirts in 72 hours from our TeePublic site than all the shirts we’ve sold at the Pretty People Pictures Store to date.  How awesome is that?  So many bad ass people walking around with their Pretty People gear.  I love it!

Just a reminder, the TeePublic store is STILL open and you can still buy everything there at a really nice low price (lower than our Pretty People Pictures Store, even).  Speaking of the Pretty People Pictures Store, that sucker is still open as well.  So feel free to keep buying stuff from both places if you’d like!

If you’re wondering, the Pretty People Pictures Store is stuff we make and sell from our apartment while the TeePublic store is “made-to-order” at some factory and sent to you directly.  We’ll be dropping new designs on our TeePublic store regularly, which means more sales in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Thank you again and be sure to send us or tag us in photos of your shirts in action!!


Today’s the day!  Our TeePublic store is now open!  Get yourself some Pretty People Pictures swag right now for 30% off.  The sale is running for 72 hours so it should last through most of the weekend.  I can’t tell time or do math very well.  Again, this Teepublic store is in addition to the store on this website.  All the merchandise in our online store is regularly priced.  It’s the stuff at the Teepublic store that’s on sale.

New Merch!

Very exciting news!  This Friday we’re opening up a Teepublic store where we will be selling T-Shirts, Hoodies, Phone Cases, Laptop Cases, Notebooks and everything else the site has to offer.  You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t they just open a store?”  And the answer to that question is “YES!”  In fact, you can still buy everything that’s in our store on this very site!  You will just be able to buy additional stuff at our Teepublic store.

Our website store will still sell, custom, limited edition items like Enamel Pins, Screen Prints and Stickers & Buttons.  The Teepublic site, on the other hand, is “made-to-order.”  We upload our designs and they make them for you when you buy them and even handle the shipping!  This is an incredible resource for us because we can spend less time shipping packages and more time making movies.  So for everyone who has been asking for a Pretty People Pictures shirt (first off, thanks! and) now you can finally get one!  You can even pick the color!

The store will be launching on Friday and all items in the Teepublic store will be on sale ($14) for 72 Hours.  After that, they’ll be regular priced ($20).  So be sure to pick up some Pretty People gear this weekend.  Oh - and if for some reason these designs don’t float your boat, no worries.  I plan on regularly adding new designs.  Now that I don’t have to pay for these suckers in advance, I’m gonna pump out all kinds of fun stuff for ya!

See you Friday!

Screenprints are Shipping!


The EAT screenprints are done, in-hand and ready to ship out to those who have already ordered them.  These things couldn’t have turned out any cooler, honestly.  The detail and colors are stunning in person.  These are definitely “wall worthy” if you ask me.  You can check out some photos of the final prints below.

Annie and I would like to thank Arna at Treasure Prizes in Denver, CO for making these and absolutely knocking it out of the park!

Screen Print Update


The EAT screenprint design has been updated.  The original plan was to make it Red and Silver Metallic ink on Black paper, but the Red just wasn’t popping off the paper.  We tried a number of options and decided that White and Gold Metallic ink on Black was absolutely stunning.  Novella would approve.  The Gold shimmers and the White feels haunting.  Everyone who has ordered a screen print has already been personally notified.  I’ll be sure to update this post with product photos when we get the final posters in next week.  Until then, here is the final design.

Grab a totally awesome EAT screenprint at our store for just $30!