You might think EAT’s festival run is over, but you would be wrong.  EAT is playing at the Gerardmer International du film Fantastique on Saturday, January 31st in the festival’s main theater.  It will be part of a program of three new films with a “food” topic (American Burger, Zombeavers and EAT.)  The screening starts at 12:30am so EAT should be starting around 4:30am.  It will also screen 5 hours later at 9:00am at the MCL theater.  European film festivals don’t believe in sleeping.  I dig it.

We had a similar screening at Sitges with American Burger except we were the first film to play.  We all felt horrible because Team EAT literally had to leave for the airport right when American Burger started playing.  So I’m excited that it has the first slot at Gerardmer.  I can’t WAIT to see that movie so if you’re in France, go to this festival and check out these three awesome movies.

The Making of EAT: Day Fifteen

Day 15. Final day of shooting. Jimmy gives an emotional farewell to the cast and crew.

The cast and crew of EAT (2014) embark on their final day of production.  Jimmy and the Monster Makeup FX crew place Meggie in the nastiest position for a closing scene.  Ali, Jimmy and Meggie block and rehearse a bedroom scene.  And Jimmy gives a final farewell and thank you to the cast and crew of his first feature film.

The Making of EAT: Day Fourteen

Day 14. Only two days of filming left and it ain’t getting easier.

With only two days of filming left, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) complete a light but tough day.  Meggie, Ali and Maru rehearse lines and discuss bodily functions in other languages.  Jimmy, Jon and Tara discuss the days shoot in terms no one else will understand.  And how many cast and crew members does it take to properly time a light switch turning on?

The Making of EAT: Day Thirteen

Day 13.  It’s April Fool’s Day and Jeremy has a prank lined up.  Will Jimmy fall for it?

On April Fool’s Day, the cast and crew of EAT (2014) are hard at work on a lot of “Dream Sequence” footage that won’t make the final film.  Jeremy discovers whether or not his long planned prank will actually work.  And Jon shows us a cool camera trick used in the film.