The Store is Open!


Today’s the day!  Our store is now open!  That’s right, you can now buy Pretty People Pictures, EAT and INCUBATOR gear.  Basically, everything in the store is something we had manufactured because we wanted it for ourselves.  Therefore, everything is top notch.  The shirts are super soft, the screen prints are “fine art” quality and the enamel pins are so shiny, you want to lick them a little.

The shirts and screenprints are printing as I type this.  They'll be ready to ship by June 1st.  The Lapel Pins, Stickers, Buttons, INCUBATOR posters are in-hand and ready to ship today.  All orders will receive shipping notifications.

I’m very excited about our little store so far and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned for it.  More swag, but also one-of-kind goodies you can only get at the Pretty People Pictures store.

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We’re now on Instagram!


We’ve got a lot of cool stuff on the way.  We’ve been working on a Pretty People Pictures store for a while now and it’s finally coming together.  Why has it taken so long?  Because this ain’t a bunch of garbage, no-good merchandise, my friends.  The Pretty People Pictures Store will be filled exclusively with the finest products imaginable.      

To stay in the know, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and our brand spanking new Instagram account to get the latest updates on when we drop new products and have sales and stuff.  The Instagram feed will be a great resource for the store, but will be REALLY cool when we make our next movie.  So be sure to follow!

More to come.  See you soon!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t believe it has already been a year since EAT was released.  How time flies!  We’ve had an amazing year watching EAT find an audience.  Every week of the year we received emails, reviews, artwork and all kinds of cool stuff from people all over the planet.  It’s been surreal and awesome.

We’re excited to see what 2016 brings us.  We’ve been teasing our next project for a while and all I can do is tease it some more.  But just know, Annie and I are always working towards making the next film.  We have a couple of projects in the works and can’t wait to pull the trigger on one of them.

Another project we’ve been teasing for a while is the Pretty People Pictures store.  That’s still on its way and will be worth the wait.  We’re going to have awesome shirts, posters, stickers, hats and other cool gear soon.  We’re a two man operation, so stuff like this takes a while.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, friended us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter, you should do so now.  Bring on 2016!


EAT Uncut Edition


Hey Everyone!

Recently, I posted a photo of the EAT German Blu-Ray on my Instagram page.  The cover of the Blu-Ray says “Uncut Edition.”  Since posting the photo, a lot of people have asked me about an Uncut Edition of EAT and where they can see it in the US, so I wanted to clear it all up.

There is only one cut of EAT in existence.  There are no rated, unrated, cut or uncut versions.  We only delivered one version of the film, world wide.  But don't get mad at our German distributor AL!VE, just yet.  They technically aren't wrong.

The cool thing about EAT is we were never ... and I mean NEVER ... asked to cut anything from EAT.  Since this was our first feature, we were really surprised.  We made the movie we wanted to make, delivered it and companies around the world released it.  No questions asked.  No notes given.

So if you have already rented or purchased EAT, fear not, you’re watching the Uncut Edition.