This is how we do.

Pretty People Pictures only has two rules:  Make the movies we want to see and have fun making them.

We are a film production company specializing in motion pictures where beautiful people are terrorized or killed (usually) in gory ways.  Why?  Because it's awesome.  “We” are Jimmy Weber and Annie Baker who started the company in 2007 while we were in film school.  We’ve jumped around a bit, but our hearts (and current residence) have remained in Denver, Colorado.

We put some of our older shorts on this site but we didn’t really know what we were doing until we made INCUBATOR.  The six minute short film had a crazy festival run, screening at 50 international film festivals and winning 13 awards.  It played at Fantastic Fest, Fantasia and ScreamFest and creeped out a ton of people.  Rue Morgue Magazine wrote “A brilliant set-up leading to an intense denouement that moves in a Cronenberg-like direction.”  Super cool.  

After that we made EAT, our first real movie!  It premiered at the Denver Film Festival then played at Sitges and won “Best Feature Film” at both Atlanta HFF and Sacramento HFF.  It’s now available in the U.S. on iTunes, Amazon and other VOD platforms under The Orchard/Shock Till You Drop distribution partnership.  Ryan Turek, Director of Development at Blumhouse Productions, who discovered for EAT said, “I’ve seen so many horror films, it’s hard to find one that gets me to squirm in my seat, but Jimmy succeeded with EAT. He has served up a clever, entertaining and extreme tale that really goes for the throat.”

So that just about gets you up to speed.  We make everything out of our own pockets, so it takes us a while to get things off the ground.  It's been a few years since we made EAT and who knows how long it will be until our next project, but we're working on it everyday.  

We’ve been doing this for eleven years now and we haven’t broken our two rules, yet.

updated July, 2018


Jimmy writes, directs, edits, composes, color grades and whatever else is needed to get the movie done.  The weird shit he thinks up becomes the movies Pretty People Pictures makes.

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Annie crunches numbers, reads contracts, tells people where to be and when and whatever else is needed to keep the show running.  She's sweet and quiet to mask her black heart.

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