You might think EAT’s festival run is over, but you would be wrong.  EAT is playing at the Gerardmer International du film Fantastique on Saturday, January 31st in the festival’s main theater.  It will be part of a program of three new films with a “food” topic (American Burger, Zombeavers and EAT.)  The screening starts at 12:30am so EAT should be starting around 4:30am.  It will also screen 5 hours later at 9:00am at the MCL theater.  European film festivals don’t believe in sleeping.  I dig it.

We had a similar screening at Sitges with American Burger except we were the first film to play.  We all felt horrible because Team EAT literally had to leave for the airport right when American Burger started playing.  So I’m excited that it has the first slot at Gerardmer.  I can’t WAIT to see that movie so if you’re in France, go to this festival and check out these three awesome movies.