The Making of EAT: Web Series Now Online!

Hey folks!

Exciting news!  The Making of EAT: Web Series is now online.  That’s right!  You can watch the first episode, Day One RIGHT NOW!  And then in 48 hours (Sunday morning), Day Two will be released.  And then every episode after that will come every two days.  

We are very happy with how this all turned out.  I’d like to once again thank the cast and crew of EAT, particularly Hawk Vaccaro who caught a lot of great moments on video.  Now what are you waiting for, go check out The Making of EAT: Web Series!

About The Making of EAT: Web Series

The Making of EAT: Web Series chronicles the fast paced and bloody 15 day production of the horror film, EAT (2014).  The series follows first time writer/director Jimmy Weber and his small cast and crew of highly skilled filmmakers as they tackle the world of microbudget filmmaking.  From gory props to production hiccups to quirky crew members, The Making of EAT: Web Series is a must-see for any fan of EAT or those too squeamish to actually watch it.

Directed & Edited by Jimmy Weber
Shot & Produced by Hawk Vaccaro
Produced by Annie Baker
Music by I Know You, Rider & Native Daughters
©2014 Pretty People Pictures, LLC