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Big Bear Horro-Fi

INCUBATOR has officially been selected to the Big Bear Horro-fi Film Festival.  Partnered with and Fangoria, Big Bear Horro-fi is one hell of a festival to be accepted to.  I just wish we were able to go check it out first hand.  Big Bear Lake looks beautiful.  A perfect backdrop for pure chaos cinema.  The festival runs September 30 - October 2.  For more information, check out


Bram Stoker

INCUBATOR has officially been selected to the Bram Stoker International Film Festival.  With easily the coolest logo for a film festival, the Bram Stoker Film Fest runs October 28 - Halloween in Whitby, England.  If you're across the pond and are looking for some fun on All Hallow's Eve, check out


Spooky Movie 

INCUBATOR has officially been selected to the 6th annual Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival.  The Spooky Movie Fest takes place in Washington, D.C. October 13-16.  Almost one year ago to the day, I was editing INCUBATOR in D.C. in between editing political commercials.  It's only fitting that the film head back to the District and scare some folks.  Check out for more info.